State of Florida

This website is exclusively for employees of the State of Florida. It is available year round to answer questions about voluntary benefit options through Colonial Life.

You may elect to purchase insurance coverage as part of the State of Florida Flexible Benefits Plan. Your Flexible Benefit Plan pre-tax elections will remain in effect and cannot be revoked or changed during the Plan Year unless consistent with a Qualified Status Change.

How to Enroll

  1. Complete the enrollment process online through the People First enrollment site. The People First enrollment website communicates pre-tax deductions only. Check your paystub by visiting: before enrolling to know what insurance coverage you may already have for pre-tax and post tax deductions.
  2. Meet with a Colonial Life benefit counselor as a Colonial Life application may be required and it is in your best interest to ensure you understand all relevant factors related to your insurance decisions.

To learn more about post-tax insurance benefits that may be available through your Agency all year long, contact a Colonial Life benefits counselor at 888.756.6701 or use the Contact Us link under the Resources section of this web site.

If you already have a Colonial Life policy and have a question regarding your policy, contact 1.888.756.6701 or your local benefits counselor.

Contact Information

Chris Ginakes

Northwest and Central Florida

Public Sector Manager

888.756.6701 386.252.1745

386.252.9806 Daytona Beach

Ken MacDougall

Northeast Florida and Tallahassee

Public Sector Manager

888.899.4135 855.257.3330 904.240.4490 Jacksonville

Enrollment Experience