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Benefits Selling Awards

Benefits Selling Awards

Divide the Work

1-to-1 Benefits Counseling

No effort. No invoices. Lighten your load by having our benefits counseling and enrollment team at your disposal. And profit from higher participation with our 1-to-1 approach. More...

Industry-Leading VB Products

Award-winning VB products are at your fingertips -– including our group and guaranteed issue options. With our broad portfolio, you can address your clients’ top concerns. More...

Flexible Enrollment Platform

No need to invest in an enrollment strategy – we can enroll both core and VB for you with our celebrated Harmony® system. Anytime, anywhere, any size. More…

Add Value to Clients

Value-Added Services

Save clients money and free up HR with our employer services – at no direct cost. You’ll make your clients happy and your competitors irrelevant. More…

Communication & Education

Help clients compete for top talent with our benefits communications. When employees understand their benefits better, they appreciate their employer more. More…

Easy Cost-Control Solutions

Do more than spreadsheet health insurance premiums. Offer real savings and value with our proven VB strategies. More…

  • 1-to-1 Benefits Counseling: Add Income, Not Effort

    Profit from having our qualified benefits counseling and enrollment team at your disposal.

    93% of employers say it is very important that employees understand and appreciate the value of their benefits. But surprisingly, only 19% think they do.1 This gap offers you an opportunity to differentiate yourself by providing this service at no cost to your clients.

    And you don’t have to become an expert in voluntary benefits – that’s our job. Think of it as having a nationally focused, locally based benefits counseling and enrollment team at your disposal.

    Our benefit counselors can conduct your open enrollments, new hire and re-enrollments year after year. You and your clients can rest easy knowing we manage quality through:

    • Post-enrollment surveys.
    • Systematic benefits counselor oversight and tracking.
    • National training program – Colonial Life College.
    • Certification programs and ongoing re-certification.
    • Case-specific training.

    More participation & education.

    1 Survey of HR professionals at SHRM National Conference, Colonial Life, June 2009.

  • Higher participation: It’s a Revenue Multiplier

    Average 46% more in commissions with our 1-to-1 voluntary benefits model. Participation for 1-to-1 enrollment averages 46% higher than for self-enroll—and that’s based on national results2 (ours are higher).

    You can also help employees better understand their benefits. 97% of employees who meet with our benefits counselors say this 1-to-1 counseling increases their understanding3.

    Increased understanding helps employees identify and cover their personal benefit needs. Better coverage can mean higher premium. And higher premium means higher revenue for you.

    2 Eastbridge Consulting Group, Inc., “Voluntary Participation Rates,” Spotlight Report, August 2010.

    3 Colonial Life post-enrollment surveys, 2010 cumulative results.

  • Industry-Leading VB Products: Earn Top Commissions With Top Plans

    Add income and value with our acclaimed voluntary benefit products.

    Opportunity is growing with voluntary benefits. Whether it’s an employer plan or exchange plan, core benefits will still have coverage gaps. And employers will still need to attract and retain top talent.

    Our product solutions are relevant to these top employer concerns. That makes them a natural fit with your other offerings.

    Our portfolio includes hospital confinement indemnity, accident, critical illness, and cancer insurance plans to help fill medical- and nonmedical-related gaps due to accidents and sickness. Our disability and life insurance products help provide income and financial-related coverage.

    Voluntary benefits offer today’s broker many opportunities – especially important with major medical commissions on the line. Our significant investment in broker compensation means you can earn some of the highest net commissions in the worksite industry 2 – immediately.

    1 Best Consumer-Driven Health Care Products, 2012 and 2011; Best Consumer-Driven Products, 2010; Best Consumer-Driven Health Products, 2009; Best Limited Benefit Medical, 2009; Best Voluntary Life Product, 2008; Best Disability Product, 2008; Best Whole Life Product, 2007; Best Critical Illness Product, 2007; Best Supplemental Medical Product, 2006; Best New Product - Medical Bridge, 2006.

  • Guaranteed Issue, Group & Individual: Factor It In

    Our underwriting approach simplifies enrollment and encourages higher participation. These benefits add up to happier clients and higher earnings for you.

    We offer numerous guaranteed issue and simplified underwriting options on our product lines, some with employer-paid options – including our popular Group Medical Bridge 1.0.

    We have simplified underwriting options for accounts of almost any size. Our underwriting approach makes it possible for the majority of employees to qualify for our coverage – which profits you, your clients and their employees.

  • Flexible Enrollment Platform: Integrated Enrollment Adds Ease and Accuracy

    No need to invest in an enrollment strategy – it’s covered with our celebrated Harmony® system.

    We can tailor services to enrollment needs and employee schedules and provide turnkey enrollment for your client’s entire benefits program – core and voluntary. And you can be as involved or uninvolved as you choose.

    Our flexible enrollment options include:

    • 1-to-1 with our trained benefit counselors.
    • 1-to-1 call center and co-browsing enrollment options.
    • Web-based self-enrollment and group enrollment options for employees who can’t meet 1-to-1.

    Whichever option best fits your clients’ needs, the web-based technology that powers them all is our simple-to-use Harmony® enrollment system.

  • Core + VB Enrollment: Watch It Add Up

    With Colonial Life, you and your clients gain anytime, anywhere enrollment services, including new hire and subsequent year enrollments – often not supported by competitors.

    Even better? You can offer these enrollment services to accounts of all sizes. We have no case-size restrictions. Whether your client has 3 employees or 30,000, you can offer them complete enrollment at no direct cost!

    Take advantage of our expertise in:

    • Large-case/multi-state enrollment.
    • Small- to medium-sized account enrollment.
    • Public sector.
    • Benefits communication and enrollment consistency despite number of locations, states or shifts.
    • Daily enrollment reporting.
  • Value-Added Services: Offer Absolute Value to Clients

    Save clients time and money with our employer services – and stand out from the competition.

    With so many people turning to voluntary benefits, differentiating yourself is more important than ever. The new focus has to be on services, not just products.

    All these client benefits help position you as a full-service benefits provider, which means your clients won't have to look elsewhere to meet their needs.

    With Colonial Life, you have a long list of services that you can offer your clients immediately – at no direct cost. You can save them time and money and distinguish yourself from competitors.

    These complimentary services include:

    • Core and voluntary benefits enrollment
    • Benefits education tools, including personalized benefit statements, salary illustrations, a Benefits Learning Center web portal, wellness communication and more
    • Section 125 Premium Only Cafeteria Plan provided through our alliances (discounted flexible spending accounts also available)
    • Access to CCH HRAnswersNow, a comprehensive HR library
    • Online E-Services, including E-Pay, E-Billing
    • Dependent verification for large-case accounts
    • Flexible data services, including customized data file formats

    Free Up HR

    The greatest value to your clients is often not just the additional employee benefits. It’s the cost savings, time and energy savings and employee morale boost that are natural byproducts of our VB model.

    Cost savings, time savings, and happier employees – what more do you need to ensure your clients don’t want to look elsewhere to meet their needs? You’ve got them covered.

  • Communication & Education: See the Difference

    Help employees understand their benefits and your client’s investment in them.

    Our customized benefits communications help provide a clear understanding of all your clients’ benefits:

    • Pre-enrollment communications designed to engage employees and encourage them to attend their group meeting and 1-to-1 counseling session.
    • Individual benefit statements that show the total cost of employee benefits – even vacation time, parking, uniforms – whatever the employer wants to show.
    • Salary illustrations and election forms.
    • Wellness communication/promotion.

    Boost Loyalty & Retention

    It’s a proven fact that the more employees understand their benefits, the more they appreciate them.1 With our benefits communication services, you can help your clients save time and money, fill gaps and add value:

    • Better informed employees – and greater appreciation of their benefits and employer.
    • More educated health care consumers who can make better financial and health care decisions.
    • Higher employee satisfaction and retention.

    1“Beyond the Usual Benefits: How Employee Education Can Drive Workplace Satisfaction”; Employee Education and Enrollment Survey; Unum, 2009.

  • Easy Cost-Control Solutions: Subtract Cost; Add Value

    Do more than spreadsheet health premiums. Offer real savings and value with our innovative solutions.

    What does our voluntary benefits program offer your clients? More than you may realize! Voluntary benefits can help clients manage the bottom line and retain top talent.

    For example, your client can offer a lower-priced high-deductible health plan and provide voluntary insurance to help cover the higher deductible. As an added bonus, offering voluntary benefits that qualify to be pre-taxed can lower payroll taxes with each enrolled employee.

    How VB Can Work for Your Clients

    Group Medical Bridge 1.0 Example

    Based on Colonial Life case with 100 benefit-eligible employees

    1. Increase deductible by $1,000
    2. Offer Group Medical Bridge 1.0 with $1,000 benefit
  • There’s More … Cost-Control Solutions

    Better educated health care consumers: When employees make wiser health care choices – such as using generics, visiting the emergency room only for true emergencies, taking advantage of free health screenings, self-examination, living a healthier lifestyle, etc. – it can save them and their employer on health care costs. Our benefits counseling and education services – including wellness communications – can help create more educated health care consumers who make better financial and health care decisions.

    Tax savings: Free Section 125 Premium Only Plans through our alliances combined with higher participation in tax-advantaged core and VB products and flexible spending accounts save employers and employees valuable tax dollars.

    Dependent verification: Our dependent verification service for large-case accounts can help save your clients significant money with minimal disruption.

    Greater employee retention: Employee turnover costs thousands – often more than the departing employee’s salary1. Offering voluntary benefits and increasing employer appreciation provide great incentives for employees to stay with your client.

    All these client benefits help position you as a full-service benefits provider, which means your clients won’t have to look elsewhere to meet their needs.

    1 American Management Association reports a range between 25 percent and 250 percent of annual salary per exiting employee, depending on the position,

Colonial Life Wins Five Firsts In Annual Reader's Choice Awards

Benefits Selling Awards

Nov. 1, 2012 - Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company has been named the top benefits carrier in five categories by brokers across the country in the 2012 Benefits Selling Readers' Choice Awards program. The magazine asked brokers to name their top carrier in eight categories. No other company won more than one award this year. Colonial Life was named the winner in all of the categories relevant to its business:

  • Best at Working with Brokers
  • Best Consumer-Driven Health Care Products
  • Best Company at Embracing New Technologies
  • Best Prepared for Health Care Reform
  • Best Service Provider From an Enrollment Company

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